5 rules of nuru massage

Nuru massage is not just about physical touch, it is a total experience that requires time and attention. However, to achieve a memorable Nuru massage, it is important to follow certain rules that help create the ideal environment and experience for both the client and the masseuse. Here are the key rules for an unforgettable nuru massage.

No rushing

A body to body massage is not just foreplay, but an experience in its own right. It is important to create an environment where the client can relax and enjoy every touch without feeling rushed. Slow and careful movements allow the client to immerse themselves in the sensuality and fullness of this unique massage.


Removing distractions

The key is to remove any distractions that could interfere with the relaxing atmosphere of the massage. This includes turning off your mobile phone and creating a calm and harmonious environment. The client should be surrounded by pleasant music and scents that will relax them and help them forget about stress and worries.


Smooth and careful movements

The masseuse should take care to keep all movements smooth and careful so as not to cause discomfort to the client. It is important to respond to the client’s signals and adjust the pressure and technique of the massage according to the client’s needs. Every touch in erotic massage should be done with love and care so that the client feels total relaxation and bliss.

Use of special gel

In Nuru massage, a special gel is used which contains only natural ingredients and is gentle on the skin. This gel does not cause allergies or unpleasant reactions, ensuring the safety and comfort of the client. Its slipperiness and moisturizing properties increase the sensitivity of the skin and enhance the sensuality of the massage.


Creating a pleasant atmosphere

The masseuse should create a pleasant atmosphere in which the client feels comfortable and relaxed. This includes taking care of his or her emotional and physical state and providing space for relaxation and rest. Using appropriate lighting, temperature and decorations can create an environment that promotes deep relaxation and the sensuality of a nuru massage.


Adherence to these rules helps to make the Nuru massage a memorable and enjoyable experience for the client, full of relaxation, sensuality and intimacy. Be open to new experiences and enjoy time together full of deep connection and mutual pleasure.