Even erotic massage has its limits

Are you waiting for your first visit to an erotic massage parlour? Are you just thinking about it? Or are you already a regular visitor? Either way, it’s certainly good to remember that although the world of erotic massage knows no boundaries when it comes to pleasure, there should be some limits to our behaviour. So what to prepare for, what to remember and what to avoid?



An erotic massage should be above all a pleasure and an extraordinary experience. For this to happen to the full extent, both parties must be tuned in to the same wave. The interaction of energies is very important in this field and it is essential to create a pleasant atmosphere of trust and understanding during the massage.

We are well aware that erotic massage is an unusually intimate and sensitive affair. We approach every client and every massage with this in mind. In return, we welcome openness and honesty, which is an essential basis for future cooperation. This applies especially to unconventional and above-standard wishes and requests. It is our goal to accommodate you in all areas; if at least a little bit is possible. If there is a request that contradicts our beliefs or is not feasible in our conditions, you will certainly hear about it in due time. This will avoid unpleasant and embarrassing moments, disappointments or conflicts.



Again, we would like to point out that erotic massages have no fixed boundaries and each one is unique in its own way. Therefore, we understand that it is sometimes difficult to keep the passions at bay and not succumb to the excitement of the moment. Touching, sometimes very intimate, certainly belongs to erotic massage. But it is not the norm. It always depends on the particular type of massage – it is therefore a good idea to read on our website what you can expect in a massage and decide on the basis of that. And here, too, there is nothing wrong with asking about the details you are interested in beforehand.


It would certainly be tempting to enjoy one of our massages in the comfort of your home or hotel room. But that’s not how our services work. We pride ourselves on providing our services in a very comfortable and intimate setting where you can enjoy your massage to the fullest. Last but not least, of course, we also protect our employees, so please don’t be angry that even as a precautionary measure, our salon does not provide this type of service.



Erotic massage is an experience you don’t indulge in every day. Therefore, we understand a certain level of excitement and arousal. But even here we should not forget the elementary rules of decency. A warm, close relationship develops between the masseuse and the person being massaged throughout the massage, but even this is not an excuse for any rude, insulting or degrading behaviour.

A glass of your favourite alcohol is certainly not a bad thing to relieve tension, but here too: everything in moderation.