Extra services in Redmassage

If you’ve decided to try erotic massage, you may come across a range of different additional services that may be available for an additional fee. It’s important to consider whether you want to take part in these extra services beforehand and weigh up the risks and benefits, if any. Here is an overview of some common extra services and some tips on how to decide:



This service may include a demonstration of masturbation by a masseuse or a joint masturbation session with you. If you are open to exploring your own sexuality and intimacy, this service can be an exciting addition to an erotic massage.



Prostate massage can be a very intimate and exciting experience for men, but requires a thorough understanding and respect for the client’s boundaries. Consider your comfort with this form of stimulation and communicate your expectations with the masseuse before opting for this service.



Foot job is a form of sexual stimulation in which the feet are used. If you enjoy non-traditional forms of intimacy and are open to new experiences, foot jobs may be an interesting option. However, here it is important to ensure that this service is performed with respect for your boundaries and comfort.



Private dancing can be an erotic addition to a massage that can add another dimension to your experience. If you enjoy sensual and intimate expressions of physical movement, private dance can provide a fun and exciting experience.



Some clients may be interested in an erotic scene with high heels or stockings. If you are attracted to this type of visual stimulation, this service may be attractive to you. It is important, however, that the masseuse respect your preferences and, if appropriate, give you the option to choose whether or not to use this equipment.



French kissing is an intimate form of kissing that can be part of an erotic experience. If you prefer a greater degree of intimacy and closeness with your masseuse, this service may be appealing to you.

It is important to consider your own comfort, preferences, and boundaries before deciding to engage in any extra erotic massage services. Communication with your masseuse is key to ensuring a safe and pleasurable experience. Be sure to clearly express your expectations, boundaries and requirements, and respect your own feelings and comfort throughout the process. Ultimately, it is important that your decision is based on your own values and desires and not on external pressures or expectations.