Erotic massage for women

Erotic massage for women

Looking for a truly unique and unforgettable experience? If so, then an erotic massage is exactly what you need! During an erotic massage you will enjoy a variety of different sensations, from perfect relaxation of body and mind to sexual arousal and ecstasy. You will wash away all the worries and stress of everyday life and finally relax and enjoy. So don’t be shy and come and try the massage! You won’t regret it.

So you decided to try erotic massage. Great choice! Erotic massages are not only incredibly relaxing, but they can also be very arousing. Here’s what you can expect during a massage.

At the beginning of each erotic massage for women, you and your masseur/masseuse will enjoy a shower together, during which you can relax and bond with each other. During the massage itself, you can expect lots of gentle, sensual touches designed to release tension and help you get in the mood. You may even find yourself getting aroused – which is perfectly normal! The massage will end with an external manual orgasm, which is basically where the masseuse or masseur will bring you to climax without any penetration. It’s intensely pleasurable and a great way to release all the built up sexual tension. So go ahead and enjoy an erotic massage – you’re in for a treat!

  • A joint shower with a masseuse/masseur to get you in the mood for a massage in the shower.
  • Erotic massage using warm oil, with the masseuse/masseur combining different techniques. The masseuse/masseur is naked throughout the massage.
  • Touching the masseuse/masseur is allowed.
  • The last part of the massage, when the masseuse/masseur moves to the intimate parts, which include the “joni”. The masseuse/masseur will massage you to climax. There is no limit to the number of climaxes.
  • This is followed by a final shower together, after which you can enjoy one of our complimentary company drinks (coffee, tea, alcoholic, non-alcoholic) in with the masseuse/masseur.


Erotic massages have been known for centuries as a way to relax and rejuvenate the body. The modern world is full of stress and tension, which can take a toll on our physical and mental health. A classic erotic massage is a great way to relieve stress and improve your overall mental condition. It also helps to improve circulation and relax stiff muscles. In addition, erotic massage can stimulate the libido and increase the ability to respond positively to sensory stimuli. Whether you want to relax or spice up your love life, a classic erotic massage is sure to please.