Nuru Massage – Step by Step

Nuru massage is an erotic massage technique that originated in Japan and is gaining popularity worldwide. It is known for its sensual and slippery surface that creates an intense and arousing experience. In this article, we’ll take a step-by-step look at how to perform a Nuru massage and what items are needed for it, including a special Nuru oil.


Nuru massage is a technique that involves full body to body contact between the masseur and the client. A special nuru gel or oil is used, which is made from seaweed and contains natural lubricating properties. This massage is performed on an air mattress or other smooth surface that allows for easy gliding motion.



  1. Prepare the area. Place an air mattress or protected surface on the floor and place towels on it to make it comfortable and sanitary.
  2. Prepare nuru gel or oil: Nuru massage requires a special nuru gel or oil, which is available in erotic supply stores. Follow the instructions on the package and prepare the necessary amount of gel or oil as needed.
  3. Warming the nuru gel or oil: If you want an even more pleasurable experience, you can warm the nuru gel or oil slightly. Be careful not to let it get too hot so you don’t burn yourself. The ideal temperature is comfortable for the skin.
  4. Preparing the shower area: a Nuru massage is slippery and can be a little blurry, so it’s a good idea to have a shower area nearby. After the massage, you can shower together and rinse the nuru gel or oil off your body.
  5. Improving intimacy: It is important to create an intimate atmosphere before the massage begins. Light candles, set up dim lighting and soft music to help relax minds and bodies.
  6. Application of nuru gel or oil: Apply nuru gel or oil to the body of the masseuse and perner. The gel should be sufficiently smeared all over the body to create a slippery surface for the massage.
  7. Massage Movements. Use your entire body, including your hands, arms, chest and legs to stimulate the erogenous zones and bring pleasure and relaxation.
  8. Explore different positions. Try different poses where bodies can rub and glide against each other.
  9. Maintain communication: It is important to maintain open communication with your partner during the massage. Find out what movements and touches bring the most pleasure and adapt to their needs.

After the erotic massage is over, you can take a shower together and rinse the nuru gel or oil off your body. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy your time together after the massage.



  • Nuru gel or oil: A specially made gel or oil for nuru massage that provides a slippery and sensual surface.
  • Inflatable mattress or smooth surface.
  • Towels: for a hygienic and comfortable space.
  • Candles: For creating an intimate atmosphere.
  • Music: Pleasant music that helps relax the mind and body.
  • Shower area: For rinsing the nuru gel or oil off your body after a massage.

Nuru massage is an exciting and sensual technique that can bring a new dimension to your intimate life. With proper preparation of the space and the necessary items, such as nuru gel or oil, you can create a slippery surface that allows for easy movement and exploration of bodies. However, be mindful of trust, communication and mutual respect with your partner.