Rules of our salon

Are you about to undergo an erotic massage and you are not sure if there are any rules, taboos and limits in this industry? Then the following article will certainly come in handy, where you will find some good tips on what is permissible and what you should definitely avoid.



We can forgive each other a lot of unpleasantness and misunderstandings if you know, at least in rough outline, what kind of experiences you are going to have. Of course, both parties want to make them as good and enjoyable as possible, without unnecessary tense and awkward scenes. We will do our best to accommodate you in this regard, you in return take some time to look around our site, or discuss your questions and desires with us in advance by email or by phone.



There is absolutely nothing wrong with erotic massage. This is both on the part of the provider and the client. For one it is a form of meaningful and interesting profession, for the other an unusual experience and a kind of relaxation. In this respect, we are equal, and let us treat each other as such. As in other areas, vulgar, rude and degrading behaviour towards our colleagues is completely unacceptable.



We are able to present our clients with a wide range of services and extraordinary experiences. We believe that everyone can choose from them and take away unforgettable impressions. But even here we have to keep in mind that erotic massage is a service like any other and our customers will get the full extent of what they have been offered. So please do not confuse erotic massage with unlimited sexual services, it could lead to your disappointment.



While our services are very comprehensive and we are happy to take care of you in every way, we greatly appreciate your adherence to basic hygiene and social behavior. We firmly believe that the vast majority of our clients don’t need to be reminded of this at all, but a certainty is a certainty. In any case, you do not need to undergo any special cleansing procedures prior to your massage, but keep in mind that you are about to visit an exceptional establishment.



If you’re not happy with anything about your massage, tell us. First and foremost to the masseuse or masseur who is treating you. If you do not find agreement and the situation does not improve, you can contact the management directly. Always be polite and calm. In any case, our colleagues will do their best to accommodate your wishes and requests.



A small shot of your favourite drink to spice up the experience is not a bad thing, but you should definitely not undergo a massage under the strong influence of alcohol. Nor is it a good idea to bring your own bottle or private massage or other erotic aids. If you intend to do so, please consult with us beforehand. This also applies if you would like to give our colleagues an extra material or financial reward for their services. We don’t doubt that they deserve it, but it’s a good idea to clarify these things in advance for the protection of both parties.