Secrets of Nuru massage

If you are interested in erotic massage and like to seek new and unusual experiences, you should not miss the so-called Nuru massage. We are convinced that this massage method will satisfy even the most demanding massage lovers. Literally – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and tell you more about this technique. Maybe the following lines will inspire you and open new horizons.



The exact origins and history of this massage are probably no longer known, but it is generally believed to date back to ancient Japan. There, it is said to have been performed by specially trained geishas and given exclusively to prominent and high-ranking men. That in itself sounds great and very promising.



Unlike most other massages, a nuru massage involves very close contact between the masseur or masseuse and the person being massaged. The massage itself also does not use only the hands, but basically the whole body. This body-to-body massage is much more intimate, intense, sensual and animalistic.

In order to make such erotic massage really pleasant and to use its full potential, special, highly slippery massage gels are used (often applied after a joint shower or bath). Some places even offer gels according to the original recipe, made from seaweed. However, Nuru massage gels are particularly characterised by the fact that they are very gentle and do not soak into the skin, creating a pleasantly slippery interface between the two bodies throughout the massage. After washing, they leave the skin clean, supple and free of gel residue.




From the above, it is clear that such a massage is far from a real intimate intercourse. The sensual, gliding touches all over the body often lead to a full climax, making the whole experience even more intense and unique.


But that is far from the only or even the biggest advantage of these massages. In addition to releasing sexual tension and erotic experience, it also relieves tension in the muscles, rids the body of toxins, eliminates stress and has an overall very positive effect on the physical and mental state.

This unconventional and almost forgotten massage method can be recommended to anyone who craves new, unique experiences and likes to indulge in a very unconventional, but extremely pleasant care for their body. And if you don’t feel like visiting a massage parlour right away, it might not be a bad idea to try this massage at home with your partner. It also works as a great prelude to further play.