Tantric massage is not just an exciting foreplay

The term tantra appears quite often in the erotic massage industry and tantric massage is perceived as something almost supernatural, but the actual nature of tantric massage is hidden from many people. So let’s take a closer look at this massage. Perhaps it is on the menu of your favourite massage parlour and has been unfairly neglected until now.



Tantra (like many other terms from the world of erotic massage) has its origins in India. About fifteen centuries ago, the style of special meditations and rituals we know today as tantra began to take shape there. It is really a purely spiritual discipline, and this direction has been imprinted on popular tantric massages.



Tantric massage, more than most others, focuses equally on the physical and psychological aspects of a person. It uses the flow of energies and their transmission between two (or even more) people. It is truly a very intimate and sensual connection through massage. It uses practically the whole human body, of course with special care to the erogenous areas.

But in addition to physical contact, it also gives attention to other forms of communication, such as eye contact or synchronized breathing. All this further emphasizes and deepens the bond between the masseur and the person being massaged. It is probably not surprising that the primary goal of this massage is not orgasm, but a total experience, opening the pathways to one’s own energies, receiving external positive energies and pleasure for body and soul.



Tantric massage itself, however, is really just a means to achieve extraordinary experiences. However, it brings us many more benefits. Tantric massage is a great way to relieve stress, increase sex drive and open our minds to new sensations, ideas and thoughts.

It can also work well as a form of sex therapy. Even many physical ailments have their origin in our minds, so whatever your difficulties and inhibitions in the area of sex and eroticism, tantric massage can relieve them, or at least direct you to their solution. And this applies to individuals as well as to partners or married couples. Tantric massage can also be successfully performed as a couples massage, which we can again highly recommend, at least as a diversification of your intimate life.

Tantric massage is therefore not just a form of sexual foreplay, or an enhancement of erotic play. When performed by a quality masseur or masseuse, it is a truly and literally unearthly experience. An experience that is hard to describe – even here, direct experience is definitely the best. And if you are still hesitating, hopefully this article has helped you to decide, or at least to consider trying tantric massage for yourself.

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