What can we look forward to in a massage with a happy ending?

The so-called happy ending massage is very popular, but unfortunately it is also shrouded in many half-truths and misinterpretations of its meaning. So what can you expect from a massage that boasts this moniker? Certainly only the best in a quality erotic massage parlour, but in case of incorrect expectations there may also be some disappointment. And to avoid that, let’s talk about this type of massage.



Ideally, this term means that the whole massage ends with a climax, or if you prefer, an orgasm. And this is true for both men and women. Ejaculation, or orgasm, should therefore not be considered an automatic and obvious part of erotic massage in the first place. As a rule, its main task is to bring sexual relaxation and improve your physical and mental state. The climax (if the massage is not directly aimed at it) is then just a kind of bonus icing on the cake.

Not to mention that there are other types of climax that are not necessarily accompanied by ejaculation or a classic orgasm – so we can safely consider this end of the massage as “happy”. As you can see, everything is more a matter of perspective and expectations.


In spite of all the possibilities that male and female climaxes offer, most of us would agree that we think of a “happy ending” as the end of a massage with ejaculation or orgasm. Which is certainly very tempting and for many people a crucial criterion for choosing a particular massage. But we can also agree that erotic massage is not a classic service that can be easily measured and evaluated. And despite all the efforts and professional approach, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Sometimes nervousness, fatigue, physical indisposition…in short, not every day is a blessing. In such cases, however, it is not possible to achieve a “happy ending” at any price or in any other way, for example, by any form of sexual intercourse. Massage must remain massage at all times. But there is no need to despair, for…



Yes, so goes the winged saying, and we cannot but agree. Despite the absence of a planned climax, you can enjoy long minutes of a unique experience that you will remember for a long time. The massage itself can certainly be at least as intense and pleasurable as the orgasm itself. So if it happens and the massage with a happy ending is left without that ending, don’t be sad or disappointed and don’t let it spoil a first class experience. After all, what didn’t work today may be completely different next time.