Yoni and lingam intimate massage

The world of erotic massage is so diverse that we can’t even imagine. And it would definitely be a shame not to try as many as possible. But sometimes we are put off by an unfamiliar, overly exotic name. To broaden your horizons, or just for fun, today we bring you a closer look at two amazing intimate massages – lingam and yoni. Let them be an inspiration and an example of what you can experience during an erotic massage.



Gentlemen will forgive us for starting with a massage designed primarily for women. After all, the male part of our readership will also find it very interesting and engaging. This massage has its roots somewhere in ancient India and its very name, which could be translated as vagina or (in a broader context) sacred area. And it is the vagina, but also the outer part of the female genitalia, that is the main focus of this massage. Other parts of the body and erogenous zones are also important, but here it rather depends on the specific situation.

Stimulation and massage of the intimate female lower parts results in relaxation of the whole body, erotic arousal and sexual climax is no exception. In some cases the massage is accompanied by a series of breathing exercises. Apart from physical and mental relaxation or orgasm, sexual tension and other ailments that negatively affect our intimate and civil life are often relieved.


If Yoni massage is intended for women, Lingam is a purely male affair. To cover the linguistic side of things here, the word lingam can be understood as a term for the male sexual organ and all the energy that surrounds it. As we can see, the ancient Indians were already very clear about their nature. It is known that some cultures, at certain times in their existence, cultivated a literal cult of the male penis, and this is probably where we find the roots of this massage.

The massage itself then concentrates exclusively on the male genital area, testicles, perineum and prostate excluded. All with the help of suitable oil, palms, fingers and nails of a skilled masseur or masseuse. Of course, needless to say, this massage also stimulates the genitals in an incredible way, has a positive effect on any erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation and in the vast majority of cases ends with a powerful orgasm



If you have the opportunity to try this kind of massage, do not be afraid. A good masseur or masseuse will give you an unforgettable experience that can completely change your view not only on erotic massage, but on sex life in general.